Summer love

Decks and Fences! Summer is almost here and it is a busy time of year with the requests for outdoor projects flooding in. Some tips to remember when considering your outdoor projects:
  • There are codes that cover decks and fences when they are over certain sizes, heights etc. check the local codes carefully.
  • Decks need to be safe, you your family and your friends lives may be at risk.
  • The codes are designed to ensure safety, stick to them or exceed them.
  • Good fences make good neighbors, good contractors make good fences.
Every year the news shows stories of decks collapsing during a gathering of some sort. People are injured and sometimes they die in these unfortunate incidents. In every single one of these cases someone installed the deck improperly. The builder didn't follow standard practice or local codes. Hire someone who is experienced, make sure they know what they are doing and check their references. Good luck and happy summer.
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