Another unlicensed liar

Once again I recently had to work on a house where the owner had recruited an unlicensed smooth talking "contractor". This low life was unlicensed and uninsured. He apparently lied to the owner for several months while draining the budget and screwing up the work. The owner said he seemed like a nice guy and even behaved like a friend. After paying out over $120,000 for materials and labor not a single part of the house was complete, most of the job(s) were done incorrectly and the work was inferior at best. There were leaks, rough surfaces, mismatched hardware, popping tiles and even loose doors. The "contractor" claimed to be a carpenter and didn't do any joinery, routing or even decent carpentry. The bottom line was that this was a beautiful old house that was cheated out of a real remodel. This family now has $20,000 left to undo over $100,000 worth of damage. If that isn't cold hard theft nothing is. I have written about this many times. The Oregon CCB will not help recoup the costs incurred to this family, they will gladly fine this unlicensed thief but that money goes into the coffers. It is sad but approaching the Oregon attorney generals office to take action and/or hiring an attorney and suing the shady operator is the only way to get back at this shyster. Check for licensure and check references. If they don't exist then don't hire, no matter how "nice" or "trustworthy" the contractor appears. If you can not verify their work and their worthiness then do not hire them, the risk is too great. Check out my other post, "How to pick the right contractor for your project". Also check this article and video by First Coast News, "How to Vet a Contractor Before Signing Contract". This is one of my favorites from Yahoo Finance, "10 Things Your Contractor Won't Tell You".
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