Returning to the scene…

Recently I returned to a location at which I had performed a foundation repair. I wanted to inspect the work and ensure everything was working well. The original call involved a foundation weeping water into the basement. When I arrived for the follow up I was dismayed to find water on the floor in the basement. I was also baffled. I had done the work correctly, I had been patient, and I had inspected the work at completion and I was satisfied that it was a solid solution to the problem. I mopped up the floor and wondered what had gone wrong. As I mopped the water seemed to keep coming. I mopped behind some laundry equipment and I noticed more water there than anywhere else. I looked closely and I saw a slow drip. I searched for the drip and I had real trouble finding it. Finally I found the drip coming from the faucet leading to the washing machine. Well, I was relieved to find that it was not a failure in my original work but a material failure in a different area. On close inspection I touched the faucet and it burst instantly spraying water all over me and the laundry. I was stunned, had this occurred while no one was present the damage and related cost may have been dramatic. The plumber could come immediately, I was able to tell him what to bring and it was all repaired in a couple of hours. I mopped the floor again and I cleaned up and left. A few days later another heavy rain fell and I had an idea to go and inspect the work again, just to be safe. Well there was more water on the floor. I searched high and low again. What I found was the washing machine itself was now leaking. Once again had this continued the damage could have been devastating. It turned out to be a faulty water pump. A relatively quick fix. The moral of this story is that a good contractor will check their work. I will return to inspect my work and I will call my clients to ask if they are satisfied. It is especially important when water is involved to check back during extreme weather events. If you have an issue with the work that your contractor did, call them up, any decent contractor will come and check things out at no cost. Although there is no legal requirement for an Oregon Contractor to offer a warranty for renovations or repair work, any contractor worth their salt will honor their work or come to a fair agreement to make any changes, repairs or upgrades to their original work.
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