What does the client want

We are about to embark on a laundry renovation. This laundry was attempted 2 years, the hack who dunnit was one of the usual crooks. He refused to bid on the job, claiming it was too hard to know the cost of a project like that. This shocks me as this is a 10 foot x 6 foot laundry requiring some tile, some drywall and a sink with the relevant laundry hook-ups. He then charged an exorbitant hourly rate, he didn't follow the home owners plans, he chose what he said was an "easier plan", and when push came to shove he refused to fix his work and he left the laundry looking like rubbish. He did several things that are really inexcusable:
  1. He didn't listen to the client
  2. He didn't put the laundry sink where the owners wanted it or can even access it, he also didn't put the machines where the owner wanted them
  3. He trashed the Sheetrock and did the worst attempted repairs I have ever seen
  4. He damaged the dryer ducting and left it crimped in the wall with very poor air flow creating a very serious fire hazard
  5. He plumbed the sink using B-grade "cheater" parts and now the sink drains at a ludicrously slow rate, it sometimes get blocked by air, this is the first time I have ever seen that
The whole space feels very awkward and it is just not functional. We will remodel the whole space and give the owner exactly what they want. It will even cost less than the amount for which the hack already gouged the client . Contractor Tip: Always listen to the client. If you truly can't do the work they ask for then explain to them why and come to an agreement for an alternate plan.    
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