Did you hire a contractor or a conman?

Takeaway: Hire the right contractor for the job, ask for references and check them out. I just heard a story of a family that paid $25,000 for a "contractor" to re-frame a low ceiling-ed room to accommodate a new bedroom. Basically he was supposed to raise the roof and ceiling, insulate the space and finish off with drywall. What he did was take $25,000 and destroy the house. He only partially performed the work then abandoned the site. What he did was:
  • Leave holes in the exterior walls
  • Install windows with no flashing and no nails
  • No exterior wrap
  • No cement (glue) on plumbing pipes
  • Cut through 80% of floor joists that supported the floor
  • Framed incorrectly so that the roof was sagging
  • Incorrectly installed the insulation so that it was ineffective
  • Left holes in the floor looking down to the lower level
The new contractors were forced to tear out all of the shysters work and spend about $40,000 on repairing the poor construction. Hire the right guy to do it right the first time. There are many qualified, skilled builders out there, you just need to look out for the bad ones.
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