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Heading up, going down or blowing out?

Recently I purchased a small house, 850 square feet, I am planning on remodeling and selling it. However, a house so small is not necessarily that desirable to many people, especially families. The question at […]

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What does the client want

We are about to embark on a laundry renovation. This laundry was attempted 2 years, the hack who dunnit was one of the usual crooks. He refused to bid on the job, claiming it was […]

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Deck, fence, fence, deck, fence

We have just completed our second deck and our third fence for the summer. I love decks and fences. Deck and fence construction has all the components of a great carpentry project – design, creativity, […]

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Camas growth

Yesterday EVO Construction picked up a couple of new clients in the Camas area of Washington. In construction the best ways to get new clients is for them to witness you work or to be […]

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