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Did you hire a contractor or a conman?

Takeaway: Hire the right contractor for the job, ask for references and check them out. I just heard a story of a family that paid $25,000 for a “contractor” to re-frame a low ceiling-ed room […]

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Look after your house, it could save you BIG $$

Takeaway: Routine maintenance costs money in the short run but saves money in the long run I was at a relatives house recently and she was lamenting how many issues she was having with her […]

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What did he say?

I recently repaired a beautiful old rocking chair. It had splits in the wood in several locations on the left arm. It has been broken for a long time, even before we came into possession […]

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A hot, hot summer

It is safe to say that the Portland Oregon real estate market is surging. Not only is it back, but it is truly hot again. Flipping is back. Renovations are key and the house is […]

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Electrical hacks = DANGER!

I was recently doing a bid for a deck on a clients house. While inspecting the area I was shocked to find electrical wire buried directly in the soil. In some jurisdictions there are some […]

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Gutters & downspouts

The job of guttering is to divert water away from your precious asset and decrease the likelihood of irreparable damage. Living in the US pacific northwest means that this time of year is the wet season. Constant […]

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How should I handle a leak? Depends.

One of the most common emergencies a homeowner faces is a water leak. In it’s various forms a plumbing leak, a basement leak or a roof leak it is all troubling and can lead to […]

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Aaaargh! Mold…

Mold is all around us. It is actually a microscopic form of fungi and there are more than 100,000 species in the world. Mold lives off organic matter and needs moisture to bloom. Although microscopic […]

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Hiring a Noob

Everyone has to start somewhere. Most contractors have spent years working in the industry honing their skills and finally becoming a fully fledged contractor with their own operation. Every now and then I find a […]

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The three bid myth?

I am asked all the time should I get three bids. It’s the rule in construction right. Everyone knows that three bids is what you need. Well here is a story of a bidding process […]

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Winter Futsal Update

The EVO construction team is currently number one and undefeated with a 6-0 record in the Division 4 Argentine pool. Meanwhile Migration Brewing team is number one in the Division 4 Brazil pool. The number […]

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EVO Construction Futsal Team

EVO Construction sponsors a Futsal team that plays at Portland Futsal. The team first began in August of 2011. With a few mediocre seasons under its belt the EVO Futsal team recently won its league […]

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