EVO Crew

Meet our Crew

Michael Swiericzuk - General Manager

Our General Contractor is Michael Swiericzuk. Michael is a skilled and experienced builder with decades of experience working on residential and light commercial projects. He believes that no matter the project size or budget, a builder should be proud of the project from start through to completion.   Michael believes in a sound balance of social, environmental and financial factors on every construction project. He spends hours researching the best possible materials and techniques for every project done by Evo Construction.   Michael grew up in Australia, where he worked on small construction projects throughout his childhood and into his early 20's. He was educated as an Environmental Engineer in Australia, graduating from Griffith University in 1999. He moved to Portland Oregon in the early 2000's, where he was a small business owner for several years, and he later attended Portland State University's MBA program and graduated in 2010 with a certificate in Finance.   Michael likes to spend his free time camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. He also coaches soccer and rugby in Portland and is the Scoutmaster of Troop 22 in Laurelhurst.