EVO Crew

Meet our Crew

Michel Swiericzuk - General Manager

Our General Contractor is Michael Swiericzuk. Michael is a skilled and experienced builder who believes that no matter the project size or budget, a builder should be proud of the project when it is complete. Michael was educated as an Environmental Engineer in Australia and did his MBA at Portland State University, graduating in 2010. He believes in a sound balance of social, environmental and financial factors on every project. He  spends hours researching the best possible materials and techniques for every project done by Evo Construction.

Carrie Healy - Crew Manager

Carrie is our crew manager, she is an accomplished carpenter with a true passion for all things carpentry. She's energetic and incredibly hardworking. Carrie has the ability to solve complex carpentry problems in a flash. Her joy for woodworking is evident whenever she is on a project. Carrie is also our point person on drywall installation and repairs. In her down time Carrie enjoys snowboarding on Mt Hood with her sons. Carrie is an Alumni of Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.

Scott Bingham

Scott has years of experience in the construction industry. Scott has done some of the more obscure construction jobs, including inground swimming pool and jacuzzi construction, this gives Scott the often needed, and valuable, skill of seeing tasks from a different angle. Scott is now an excellent carpenter, honing his skills daily with wood framing, finish carpentry, and tiling on our full-house renovations. In his downtime Scott enjoys learning to swim with his 13 children.