The honest builder

The Honest Builder

Michael Swiericzuk is our licensed general contractor, chief contributor, and founder of the company. For a long while Michael has lamented the lack of ethics and honesty in the construction industry. There is significant evidence that the construction industry attracts a disproportionate number of  unsavory characters who enjoy the ability to take advantage of clients and cash in on projects the clients understand little about. In this section of the website Michael hopes to help the public with a variety of tips and techniques to give a little more information symmetry when dealing with his brethren in the construction industry.   Blog The blog is an honest and current look at topics of interest, often seasonally significant, to home owners of the Pacific Northwest United States.   Shoddy Tales   The Shoddy Tales page is an alarming series of tales relating experiences Michael or his associates have had with shady, dishonest, untrustworthy, and often unlicensed, "builders".